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Hello all. So first let me say that I am new to the forum and in fact I believe that this is my first ever post on any forum around the web. Second I need to admit that I know very little about engines (though I am getting a fast education). If I say something stupid below please be kind to me.

I just purchased a 1973 JD 410B Diesel loader and backhoe with a 4-219 engine. It is currently running well but it is steaming out of the value exhaust and I have a sneaking feeling that in the next year it is going to need a head gasket and likely an engine rebuild. My question is around how much I need to budget and how much machining is needed. A rebuild kit for these engines is only 600-800 dollars but I have spoken to several smarter car people and they have said that the main expense is in getting the cylinders, pistons, head etc machined.

Can someone out there give me a rough idea of how much something like this runs?

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