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Newbie saying hello and thanks

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Hello everyone, I'm new here to Forum but not new to JD. I have a 1987-88 750 4wheel with blade and 60 inch rear deck, a 2001 Case CX60 with FEL, and my recent addition to arrive shortly is ....................................................................a 2520 with FEL, ballast box and 62" MMM. I lurked and did my research here deciding between the 1026r or something else, after test driving the 1026r and then the 2520, the decision was to go with the 2520. I just wanted to thank all you here as you guys know your stuff.

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Thanks for all the warm and fuzzy hello's

It's good to be here, well, I saw the maching for the first time this past Saturday during my walk through with the dealer, Scotty we're practically neighbors. If it performs as good as my 750, I'll be thrilled. Bit of background. Bought all of my tractors new, the 750 and Case reside at my property in PA, 50 acres in the middle of no where, nice and quite. The 2520 is for the new house here, 5 acres, 2/3 grass the rest is wooded. Plan on building a 32x32 or 32x40 garage this year and landscape around the new house. Looking forward to chatting. And yes I will post pics when I get the tractor delivered. The dealer is keeping it for a month, I have no room right now as I got spoiled having both my and my wife's car in the garage for the first time in my life and I like it, plus he is willing to keep it no extra charge.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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