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Newbie with 2150 question.

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Recently acquired a 2150 in need of serious tlc. This is my 1st tractor project, so stumbling with what are probably pretty simple issues. Current problem is the radiator. Not sure if it is correct one or if something is positioned wrong. The draincock is blocked by the hydraulic pump mount and i have zero room to remove hydraulic tank and air filter housing. I got them removed, but it literally took some serious contortions and prayers. Ok, the actual question is, how is the radiator actually supposed to be secured? Mine has no padding like the parts book indicates and the one bolt that did exist had the spring underneath the tractor frame. Should the pads elevate the radiator so the drain is above the hydraulic pump? And where do the springs go and what tension should they have. Should the radiator when properly mounted have the ability to move back and forth? Sorry for being long winded. Ive already learned a lot from you guys. Great site.
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I am not sure if the foam pads are to support the radiator or are just to seal and force air to be pulled through the radiator.
It does sound like the drain location is due to aftermarket radiator, not mounting height.
Sometimes JD parts does give a little info. Remarks says 1/4". I take that as 1/4" NPT pipe threads.
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