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I have a John Deere 68 rear engine rider, 30” cutting deck with a blown motor in the Indianapolis area that’s definitely a project if someone wants to take it on.

I started tearing it down and found that the motor is shot. The piston rod has cracked. Ordered a new piston but the crankshaft pulley is seized/will not come off therefore I can’t get the motor off to replace it.

Pulley was also damaged in the process of trying to remove it. In order for this 68 RER to run again, you’d need to source a new pulley.

So as much as I’ve loved this little thing, it’s become more of a project than I have the time to take on right now. Before just sending this to the scrap heap, I figured I’d offer it up here for free in case anyone was interested in a project.

You come haul it away and it’s yours. Please DM me if interested.
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