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October 1st

Direct enclosed transport is available from
Northern California to Philadelphia, PA today ...

Vehicle(s) have to steer straight & roll freely on good tires that hold air

Room for your vehicle & parts ...

You can store parts in your car and/or I can haul separately with your vehicle ...

Engine - tranny - tires - glass - trim - panels

25 feet fully enclosed
78 inch maximum height
7000 pound maximum capacity

Load & unload by wireless remote control winch
No driving your car on & off the trailer
Soft ties to the axle or frame

No text messages please ...

Call Jim
(260) 804-6695


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When you get to Philly, find one of those street vendors selling the soft pretzels and pick up a dozen and bring them to me here in Eastern NC.
Anyone who hasn't had the pleasure, they are delicious !!! :fed:
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