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Hiya everybody,
I couldn't remember the discussion starter about tipping over? What slope degree was too much? I went on Amazon and bought a one. Lev o gage by Sun Company. $14.99 made in USA.

Its just a smidgen off because I wasnt lined up perfect when I stuck it on there. Bucket was barely touching n I had my level first on the boom arm and then across the dash behind wheel, Betsy was level. Its not "off" enough to matter to me because I won't be looking at it that much anyway. It is more for the discussion than anything to show the angle I cross and feel comfortable on. Without spacers, and filled tires and maxed out ballast. 6,5 year old R4 tires.

Everything I drive on is right at 10

degrees or just a little bit over. Not much to worry about but having some common sense. Still l don't want to be flying over it. Bouncing the uphill tire off the ground.

Anyway here is a few pics of the level.
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The last pic is I am sitting sideways on my neighbors drive to show you the angle they start up right off the road. Its long.

Good luck! Oh if you wonder why its called a oh **** level.. Go past 45!

WB 馃殰馃嚭馃嚥馃槑

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Nice 馃憤

I like the name you made up for it.

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That鈥檚 a Levi guage. Nice add on WB.

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I dont know the magic number for tipping but i cruise 25+ degree slopes on the side with bucket loads of stuff and it holds well. I have spacers and 72 lb weights

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On warships with all the fancy electronic stuff we still had a curved glass tube with a steel ball in it mounted prominently in the middle of the bridge. If little ball went past red line you were not coming back to upright.

Simple and it worked. You could push right up to the line in low sea state but were more wary when it was rough since if you were hard over and caught a wave wrong it could push you the whole way.

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This post reminded me of a discussion I started here almost 6 years ago about side slope mowing angles and tipping points (found it, here - Side slope mowing with a 1025R). This was when I first upgraded from my little STX38 to my 1025R and I was nervous about the higher center of gravity. Thankfully I haven't joined the tip over club yet but you guys got me wondering what the actual angle was so I went ahead and bought one of these gauges and drove around with it to take some pics. The first one is just my "calibration" so you can see that it's zeroed when on flat terrain, then I drove over by my wood shed where it's about the steepest that I mow sideways and just a little farther past there where there's a divot that always gets my pucker factor up. I'm not sure if these are "scientifically accurate" but I think it proves to me at least that my built in spidey senses are dialed in pretty well. I don't think I'd want to go sideways on anything steeper than that, I don't know how Levi does it! For the record though I don't have wheel spacers or wheel weights, and my tires aren't filled either. I only mow that with the MMM on and all other attachments removed. I forgot once and tried to drive by that wood shed with the loader on and had a front wheel lift on me, won't make that mistake again.

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