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One would expect with modern day engineering and 3D drafting that oil changes and general maintenance would be a breeze on almost any car, ATV or tractor. We all know, especially with cars, that's not the case. I was thrilled to see that Deere has designed the Z9x0a series to be very easy and clean for oil changes.

First, I have to admit, I swore I read in my manual that I needed to change oil at 25 hours. I was going to do it early at 20, but I noticed online Deere wants it done at 5 hours. Well, at 20, my oil was still very clean (Yes, I am trying to convince myself that everything was OK), but I would change it at 5 since Deere wants it that way. I used Turf Guard 10-30 oil as its designed for small engines. Mine took 2 quarts.

To start I was thrilled to see that the filter was Made in the USA!

Next, the oil drain is a simple 10mm plastic plug that does not need to be very tight to seal. It has a hose connected to it to drain it under the machine and there is enough room under the machine to put a drain pan.
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As you can see, my oil is pretty clean. Open the oil dipstick to vent the system and let the engine drain faster.
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There were no issues with getting at anything. The drain plug and filter can be accessed through the side or the top under the seat.

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This is a 10 minute oil change that can be done by anyone and the best part is that its very clean. I was thrilled to have American made parts and to have the system to be well thought out. Thanks Deere!
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