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Oil Collection System plastic container keeps cracking every few years

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I have a 2012 5085M with 3 rear SCV's and the optional oil collection system. It works great, but that little white plastic catch container cracks every few years and it cost around $70 from Deere.

This one:


Anyone else have the oil collection system and have run into this issue? Other than forking over $70 every few years, are there other options out there? I suppose I could silicone the crack, but I doubt that would last.
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Buy a new one. Paint it black with the exception of a vertical strip to see the oil level. The paint will protect the plastic from the sun light and embrittlement.
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That's a great idea! I'll give that a shot.
That is the major problem with plastic (degrades in sunlight, or with oil/gas/diesel if it isn't the right type of plastic)
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