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So, I recently acquired an early 1970's 4320 for doing hay on our family farm. I bought this tractor from a local used tractor dealership knowing it had some issues shifting. Little did I know what those issues took to fix. The top drive shaft synchronizer had completely fallen apart and to my surprise, you have to just about disassemble the entire tractor to get it out!! Something I have never done before. After a bit of research, I had a local metal fabricator make a splitting stand for me that would support this heavy beast! After 2 full days of splitting this tractor I found that not only did it have a bad syncro, it also has a missing tooth on the PTO drive gear. :confused: I had to use the ROPS bar and a ratchet strap to lift the Rockshaft cover off to get to the trans pump and snap ring that holds the other end of the top shaft in place. (That cover is HEAVY! LOL!). I took the complete shaft to a local tractor repair shop to have that rebuilt because most of the gears and such are pressed onto the shaft and I don't have a shop press. Well, come to find out, not only the syncro was bad but the low range gear on the shaft was bad too. That happens to be a "John Deere Only" part that costs $500!! So my total quote for rebuilding the top shaft (Syncro and low range gear), good/used shift fork, gaskets and PTO drive gear was $2000. Plus I need 4 buckets of JD 303 hydraulic oil ($79/ 5 gallons) and new filters! LOL! :sick:

Other issues that I need to fix before it is field worthy again is: Valve cover gasket leaking, Left brake pedal plunger /boot thing; cracked and leaking, PTO shaft leaking hydro fluid, 3 PH assembly is completely worn and needs a total overhaul/rebuild, BOTH SCV's are leaking.....and I think there is a small shaft seal leak on the hydraulic pump behind the fuel tank. OH and none of the dash gauges work accept for the tach. Hmm... starting to feel like this wasn't such a great "investment" after all. Not being your "typical Millennial", I don't defeat that easy! 🤨 I really like this tractor, it has PLENTY of power for what we need and I like the look of this era of John Deere tractors!

I purchased a 3 part manual: "Owner's, Shop, and Parts" from a company called Peaceful Creek Manuals for this project and glad I did!

Any info / tips / advice for this project from you folks is GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks a lot!,


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The 4320 is a great tractor. I've worked on many in my time.
Slick splitting stand you had fabricated.

If you were closer, I'd offer a helping hand to repair the other things needed. If you need advise, just ask.
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