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found two of these on my land. I would have thought there would be a third around to make a set....any one know the brand and any other details...large wide steel wheels there is a gear in between the wheel gear and the blade gear. There is a lever on the wheel gear housing to put the wheel in free spoll to tow with out turning the cutter. pretty neat stuff

old metal wheel reel mower picture

if the lever is in the middle recess... the gear is engaged to make the wheel drive the blade...but mine ar frozen.....but they do shift into free spool fine... and the wheels turn easily like that....

i think id like to restore these guys...

any help is appreciated

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That is a great find! :good2:

Keep hunting for #3.

I don't have any idea what make they are but it looks like an interesting project none the less.

Good luck with the resto...and keep us posted with pics please!

(a big vat of PB Blaster might be something to look into...)
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