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Older Gator model 4x6 problems

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I have a 1998 Gator that has been the perfect machine until just recently. Now when I start the Gator and let it idel it sounds like the motor is about to come apart. Giving just a little amount of throttle makes the problem go away....I have been told to start with the belt but wanted to hear some of your expert advise. Thanks in advance and HAPPY LABOR DAY.
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Have you tried a tune up? Or just plugs and a fuel filter?
What are sounds it's making, pinging, clanking metal to metal, backfire, missing surging?
Check the egines idle RPM and see if it's within specs. if the motor is surging and has an air screw adjustment try adjusting the screw in or out remembering where it's set now.
Could this sound also be coming from the clutch. If the springs are bad or parts wore, it could be very loud at idle.
Tune up with plugs and all filters less than 6 months ago (maybe 20 hours). The machine runs like a charm everywhere BUT idle. If clutches are bad what kind of noises would it make? It literally sounds like its going to COME APART at idle. It doesn't surge just - - banga, banga, clang clang at idle.....
Sorry - forgot to include absolutely no backfires.....never has.
Clutches can bang and snap or knock just like a motor.

Is there any way you can try to find out where the noise is coming from? I know its loud around the motor, but figuring out if the sound seems to be coming from the block, head or clutch would greatly help!
I like the clutch theory. An engine that goes "banga, banga, clang clang" would not, likely, smooth out under load. There is a minimum width dimension on gator drive belts(1.244
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