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We do not take this lightly and appreciate being notified of such situations. We can only do so much to catch these scammers behind the scenes. I know we at times complain about VS and the software we endure, but they really did do some major improvements this summer to help with the scammers/spammers. Some still get through the cracks and we rely on our members to help bring the situations to light if they arise.
A little off topic, but I really like this VS software and their Forum layout. The thing that I dislike, and that generally keeps me out of this GTT website these days, is the determined, incessant, and intrusive advertising spam that’s literally permeates the place. The spammers are a relatively minor problem that are pretty easy avoid stepping in. OTOH, when every third or fourth post here is trying to sell me Sygenta or some such...well, that’s just too annoying to me.
1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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