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Only took 5 days…..back to the shop!

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My cousin told me that it has been his experience, when he got a new tractor, that he usually broke something within the first two weeks. Well, it only took 5 days for me to break something!

When I picked up my tractor, I noticed that the hydraulic connections on the loader for the grapple were super close to the foot of the park stand. But, I figured since this was my first tractor with a loader, that the dealer must have known what they were doing when they installed the mount. Well, all was good as long as it was used on level ground!
Last Saturday, im using the tractor to pull some stumps out of a slightly depressed ditch (maybe 6 inches below grade). All of a sudden I notice the lid of the grapple close without me controlling it. Shut doen the tractor, got off, and found this! Crap! The coupler mount was pushed into the park stand, bending the mounting plate into the cross member, snd breaking a coupler in half.

Good news is, I unhooked the lines, swapped out the grapple for the bucket, and continued working with the box blade and bucket for the rest of the day. Dropped the tractor off at the dealer this morning. Am told that they should have it back to me Saturday, with them “taking care of it”.

And with that, I now have joined the “I broke my new tractor” club! As my cousin told me, breaking stuff is just part of it!


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It looks like the 90° adapters are the long version. Maybe a shorter version exists, or hose ends with 90° ends?
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Stuff happens, but it looks like those connections could (should) have been put in a better place.

I don't believe you broke your tractor. I think you just found a "design flaw".
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For sure a design flaw by the installer. We will see how they remedy it.
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