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I picked up an old rx75 with a 9hp kawasaki for $50, I managed to get it running but it’ll smoke out an entire neighborhood faster than Woodstock and pisses oil out of the (I think) aftermarket muffler. I added a couple ounces of rislone ring seal to the oil and that stopped the oil burning and leaking for now. Also seems to mix gas into the oil. But I’ve just been shutting off the fuel and letting it burn everything out of the lines before I’m done.

It’s a bit scratched up, but the tires and rims are new on it and everything except a few of the low gears work properly, would this be something worth swapping the engine out with something more powerful?

I just need to source some gaskets for the intake and carb as the existing ones ripped during cleaning. Perhaps this is normal, but there was a greasy/oily substance in the metal air box housing, any thoughts?

I’m a newbie with 4 stroke engines so any advice would be great! I figured I’d reach out to more experienced people, I typically put way too much money into my projects. Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance for any suggestions.
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