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Ordering a 2025R... judge me (Questions).

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Hey all, after MANY years of wanting a property where I could have a tractor (yes, this was a life goal :) ) we're finally building a house on a 5 acre field and I have a "need" for one. There are going to be a lot of jobs on the property, including seeding a lawn, dealing with fallen trees, moving top soil and crushed rock, maintaining a 400ft gravel driveway, planting a garden (well tilling for one anyway), moving smoker and fire wood, landscaping (putting in stone, gardens, other things I'd like to do myself), removing snow from aforementioned driveway, etc. Basically anything that needs to be moved, placed, maintained. It's a long lot, over 1000ft deep, so I won't be moving things around easily with just a wheelbarrow and a shovel.

I am not buying it to mow however. A mower deck costs the same as a 3 series zero turn, and a zero turn will apparently do a much better job, much faster, and will be easier to deal with. Just doesn't make sense for me.

I also don't feel I need a backhoe. Let me rephrase, I don't feel I need a backhoe for $9000 CDN. That is likely a lot of mini excavator rentals (which is apparently better anyway), and everything I need trenched is already trenched. I may be building a shed with a power run, or a water line out to a garden, but I can do that with a rental. And 1/3 of that $9000 will buy me a nice trailer. The dealer actually told me not to get it because it's too expensive. I was surprised by that, but he's not wrong.

I decided to go with a 2025R for several reasons: Weight, ground clearance, tire size, price, and driving position. Comparing with the 1025R I am just happier with it. The controls sit higher up in the 2025R which to me gives it a more engaging feel. The tire size is much larger which will no doubt make for better traction, and add weight when filled. Not a huge difference in ground clearance but not insignificant either. Finally, the price difference between the two is a few grand. For me, this makes it a no brainer.

I considered a 2032R but the price difference is huge. It also may be a lot more than I need. The added loader capacity might be nice but at what cost. I am still considering it though.

When building the tractor, I found all of the possible options on the tractor a bit confusing on the web site, and I didn't know what some were. I felt like I could be missing things. For example, I selected wheel weights but didn't add the mounting hardware because, in my mind, why would you not include the hardware you need to mount the weights when you sell the weights?? But this is the high level sheet I put together for what I mostly know from my enormous number of searches on this forum.

TractorCommentsOption Code
2025R This part is important
iMatch Quick Hitch Cat 1Adjustable top hook (because adjustable seems like a good idea)LVB25976
Factory Installed Loader with Bucket120R w/MSL
Tires FilledFill rear tires w/liquid?
Rear Wheel Weight, 60 lb (27.2 kg)Weight!BM17965
Attaching Hardware for Rear Wheel Weight, 60 lbObviouslyBM17987
Ballast BoxFilled with concreteBW15073
3rd SCV or MidBig question here, do I need more hydro??
Premium LED Work Light KitI could see this being useful and I like lightBLV10673
Engine Coolant Heater KitBecause CanadaBLV10640
Engine Block Heater AdapterBecause CanadaAM134805
Auto-Throttle KitDo I want this?BLV10784
3-Point Hitch Tractor Receiver HitchLikely useful for a trailer…LP25001
Loader ForksAP10F vs 11F? 42" seems like a good idea
TillerFor tilling. This one has gears, 6 tines, etc. Can't buy King Kutter in Canada, going with Frontier I guessRT3049
SnowblowerNot plowing, I live in the snow beltSB1154
SpreaderSS20B iMatch w/agitator. This is an option... but I feel it will be very useful. Unless there's another, cheaper option for spreading seed, fertilizer, and other things across 2 acres of grass?SS2067B
Box BladeWill be very handy for the driveway, land, garden?BB5060

I am trying to roll as much into the 0% finance as possible so I am adding whatever I can now that's reasonable. I am not looking to light money on fire, but if it makes sense I'd do it.

I have sent this to the dealer to get a quote, and to review, but I have some questions:

1) Is there anything I am missing or given my use case I might want? There's so many little options on the web site I feel I might miss something.

2) I considered the 2032R... as I am not mowing, it's an option. But my god is it expensive! And might be more than I really need. Any thoughts on this? Is this a "no you dont need anything like that for 5 acres" or "yeah considering what you're planning to do and without mowing, if you can swing it, do it".

3) Do I need more hydraulics? The 3rd SCV option is there but it's almost $1000. What do people use it for? If I got a grapple, depending on price, honestly I'd probably just get an electric one. How hard are they to install on your own afterwards?

4) What is the consensus on the auto throttle kit? Any downsides?

Anyway, I am really excited to get this tractor, expected delivery is allegedly around July but who knows. We take possession of the house July 20th and I won't realistically need this until Sept. which is when I want to seed some of the lawn. If I get it early I will probably use it to drive around my driveway, just because :) I'll probably have to clean up builder mess as well.

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Yep, my thoughts exactly! Where we will be living is quite dark (no light pollution at all) so I may not NEED a ton of light but I've always thought more is better just in case you need it.
As mentioned earlier, I'd go a cheaper route than Deere LED's. The cheapies on Amazon can be replaced 10 times over usually before you've paid for the Deere's.
I forgot to mention, I am 100% getting Versaturfs for tires. Apparently they are great for snow, turf, dirt, everything.
Sounds good but does lighter mean more fragile?
Not with a 120R, you'll exceed the loaders capacity long before you can exceed a "light" set of pallet forks. A positive is the lighter forks, will use less of that limited capacity, leaving more for the materials. (i.e. a loader can lift 1k lbs, including the attachment, so if the attachment is 200lbs, it leaves 800lbs for material, if the attachment is 300lbs, you've now got 700lbs for materials - Note: these are not specific values to the forks or the loader you're looking at, just using them to provide reference.)

Rear hydro is apparently a selectable option provided you don't have Power Beyond, which from what I can tell is more useful for a backhoe.
That's a good point... I wouldn't mind top and tilt if I can do it. I'll look more into it, thanks!
Another option is an electronic rear SCV. Summit Hydraulics has one that works off the PowerBeyond that has been installed on a few 2025's that I'm aware of. I've got a 4 spool version on my 1025R, that runs off the PB. Definitely get one or the other if you intend to do a lot of box blading and don't want to keep getting on/off to adjust the top and side links. This might end up being a cheaper option, but not factory... if that matters. Link
Edit: Added photo of installed summit kit on my 1025R.
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@darkrabbit The kit that I linked is made for a 1025R, and it mounts to the ROPS, my understanding is the 2025 ROPS isn't 2"x2" (like the 1025R) but 2 3/8th. There has been at least one 2025 install briefly documented in the kits announcement Thread - There is also a link to a hydraulic top link solution or another highly regarded top and tilt kit manufacturer is fit rite. They are a forum sponsor as well.

I purchased the top link from the thread linked. It's sitting on my office floor waiting to get installed so I don't have any feedback on it at this point.

Edit: I heard through the rumor mill that JW Speaker makes deere's higher end LEDs. JWS makes my motorcycle headlight and it's exceptional, and $$$$$ but for roadway visibility, worth it. For a tractor, that value proposition just isn't there (in my opinion), and I'll run the cheapo LEDs and spend that savings elsewhere.
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Might as well order with the R3 radials, you'll like em.

Pretty sure Grote makes them.

I'm guessing JD uses multiple vendors:
Source: LED Agricultural Tractor Headlight Lights and Work Lights
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Land Plane / Box Blade / Rear Blade

There's also the landscape rake which might be useful for rocks / debris / etc.

I am heavily leaning on adding a Power Beyond kit (which is relatively inexpensive) so I can add the Summit hydraulic rear remote. Seems the 3rd SCV is ~$950CDN for 1 spool. Meanwhile I can get PB and the summit kit which gives 2-4 spools and an electric control for about the same price. I do like that. Unless I am missing something, this seems to be the way to go. I don't plan on splitting wood with it, I had read it wasn't strong
It's a lot to consider, for sure. I am hoping to get my order in this upcoming week, so I really appreciate all the comments, extremely helpful!

The box blade hangs further back on the 3pt, increasing the "effective load". The further back the weight the heavier it is relative to the 3pt and as a counter weight to the FEL. Putting a few suitcase weights on the back of the box helps more than the same suitcase weights mounted at the 3pt arm pins.

Landscape rakes seem to always be available in my area on Craigslist. Might be a cheaper option than a Frontier. (Full disclosure: browsing CL is my equivalent of scrolling a "facebook feed")

With the PB and summit kit, being that it was made for a 1025R this will require some modifications to your application, but, recalling it's limited to drilling a few new holes. I'm very happy with my kit. Another positive is TTWT is working on a hose and switch kit to run one of the rear spools for a 3 function for the FEL. I purchased the 4 spool kit because the cost versus the two or three was minimal (relatively) and with a hydraulic top link, a Hydraulic dump MCS and the potential for a 3rd function for the FEL, it seemed to make sense, leaving an extra spool for a tilt or some other 3pt Hydraulic function.. if you build it, it'll come! PB for a log splitter would pretty slow with the 1025/2025 flow rate.
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@darkrabbit I think the biggest "weakness" of the 120R is the lifting capacity. With light weight forks, expect 600-700ish lbs max lifting capacity, you're not going to be unloading pallets of pellets! It's rare that the H120 let's me down, but more FEL lifting capacity is always helpful, and I'm sure if I had a 5125R I could find a way I need more lifting capacity. 🤣
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