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Our "new to us" 8300

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Everyone loves pictures here and normally I am pretty busy and don't take the time or think about taking pictures. This weekend I was putting away the spray rig and getting ready to harvest wheat. Would have been nice to take some action pictures, but I remembered at the end while I was putting everything away. Our 404 had a bad battery so I took the 4520 over to the farm to move stuff around. These two guys are only a few hundred HP off.... LOL....


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Nice Pictures:thumbup1gif:
Nice pictures of your Deeres Brian. :thumbup1gif:
Question on the Deere SAT test:

318 is to 4520 as 4520 is to _______ (Answer: 8300).

Great pix, tnx! I'm sure you've made Randy's morning :thumbup1gif:. Oh yeah, BTW, SAT stands for "Seat-time Aptitude Test".

Cool....I can't wait to get home and see the pics on a real computer. This iPhone screen is too small for my old eyes
Why the narrow wheel spacing?

You dont need weights on the front? What do you do with this tractor?
Its currently set for 30 in rows so I believe that's how it has to be.

This is our only large tractor so it does everything from planting, spraying to working the fields.

All the weights are off of it now as we have been fabbing up the sprayers to sit on the back off the three point rather than on the front.

The disc is on it now as we are doing wheat and going to try to get in some soys after the wheat. In my little test, it will need no weights for that.
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