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Pallet forks, which length?

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Has anyone that gotten 42" pallet forks wished they would have went with the 48" ones instead? How easily can you unload a pallet from a truck bed with the 42" forks?
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I've never wished for more than my 42" forks... but if I did I'd just buy extensions. Glad I didn't go shorter though!
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36” here.
No regrets. Only would have if tractor was capable of lifting anything heavy. Then would of went longer.
Interesting thought. How much lighter are the 36" forks over the 42"? Maybe 20 lbs less, each?

My Titan 42" forks are I believe 89 lbs each. It's all good though, I gave my tractor a little boost in hydraulic power. Bought a test gauge setup from Kenny and set my implement relief at 2300 psi. From the factory it's about 1900 psi.
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