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Well, I finally got around (after 10 yrs :munch: ) to making a parking stand for my tiller. Used scrap steel I had laying around.. Works really good, might have to beef up one part in the future but gonna see how this holds up..

As you will see, I used a existing bolt to mount the angle iron, then used a 1 1/2 tubing as the upright and added a second piece of smaller angle to hold the tubing in place. I am not at this time gonna make anything for the front, the tiller seems to sit pretty level, and you have to tip it forward quite a bit to make it go over on its own. most of the weight seems to want it to tip backwards, so the rear stand alone should do the trick.. :good2: Its sitting on the tines, no skid shoes..

P1030143_zpsc4dd9a80.jpg P1030142_zps425a092e.jpg

Tilling mode. To remove the stand, all I have to do is loosen the 1/4 bolt (finger tight) and take bolt and tube off.

P1030141_zps5183df0a.jpg P1030140_zps3da5b0e8.jpg P1030139_zps423daa15.jpg
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