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We have about 50 Good Used Cultivator shanks with 2 leaf springs. No
breaks or welds and are 100% usable. 1 1/4 inch diameter shank/stem. Stem
is approx 7 inches long. Overall height of the unit is approx 26 inches.
Overall front to back is approx 19 inches. The springs are 1 3/4 inch
wide. Each unit has 2 leaf springs with holes on the end to mount your
point/shovel. Most have good usable points/shovel on them and some may
not. For the fabricator or anyone that needs to replace some broke shanks on their cultivator or maybe thinking about making a cheap cultivator from scratch or a Lay off plow or possibly putting wide sweep points on them and make a nice 3 point Hiller. These are off Dearborn, Thrifty, Ford, Massey Ferguson, Ferguson, and Fred Cain 2 Row and 1 Row Cultivators. Price is $20 each or 6 for $100 + UPS shipping. Ken Sweet


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