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Planning 2025R; now thinking 2032R/2038R

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Hi all,

My first post on this forum was asking you all to help me build a 2025R. You're input was a big help!

The more I think about it and talk with others, I'm leaning toward a large frame 2R. I like the size difference, prefer the process for the command cut and the electronic auto throttle (adding similar functionality to the 2025R eats up some of the price difference), and the power to run potentially larger implements, including a 15kw generator.

I would welcome your input on a couple of questions/thoughts:

1. Tires - I am planning to mow 3+ hours a week with either tractor. That has me thinking about regular turfs if I go with the large frame, vs radial R3s on the 2025R. My yard is (or at least will be) a nice country yard. Not super fine turf, but not something I want to beat up too bad. How much traction am I losing with the turfs? Will the added weight/size of the large frame give me similar traction between large frame with reg turfs, and the small frame with radials? How tough are R4s really on a yard?

I don't plan to do a lot of dirt work, but will need to dig with the bucket few times a year. The rest will be mulch, gravel, material other materials.

2. I know going above the 25hp adds the regen process. Given that I'm planning to mow for 3 or more hours a week, I think I will run the tractor hot enough and for long enough to support the regen process.

3. 2032 vs 2038. Once you make the decision to jump to the large frame, why or why not move all the way to the 2038R?

There are only a few times a year that I would need the extra power of the large frame, but I really like the size, weight, FEL lift height and capacity, 3pt lift height, command cut, and electronic auto throttle. I could easily get everything done around my place with the 2025. Hell, I could get it done with the 1025. But I think it will be more enjoyable and less strain on me and the tractor with the 32/38. This isn't as much of a need as a want.

One other factor in this decision is that we may buy the 10 wooded acres next to the 5 we already have - and/or we may get a chance to buy a 40 acre place that was owned by my grandfather and by his dad before him. May not, but I don't know too many people that have said, "I bought too much tractor." I know a lot that have said the opposite ;-)

Looking forward to the feedback. Thanks in advance!
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You should get the 72" deck. The farther it sticks out, the easier it is to trim close to objects. they work for the 60" deck on the 1025/2025, and the 72" deck on the 2032/2038, but not the 60" on the large frame? Makes no sense. Load and go seems like an almost must have for blade sharpening and mulch kit install/uninstall.
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It's the breakover angle that's the problem, I have some 28 degree slope that breaks over to flat in a very short distance and I can get some scalping there, but other than that it's a non-issue.
I wouldn’t worry at all with scalping and the 72D. I have some slope next to our pond and I have never had an issue. As long as you don’t have anything extreme slope wise the 72 has been great.
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I thought I had no use for the remotes, now they are on my add list for the hydraulic top link. I can't overstate how much I dislike getting down and adjusting the top link when in the back of my mind I know I could be doing it by moving a lever.
Agree on the remotes. I like the idea of the load and go for maintenance and blade sharpening.
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As someone who saved as much as they could at purchase, wrap those upgrades into the financing if you can, it's cheaper in the long run
Y'all are gonna break me!
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