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Looking for some upgrade inputs for next years planting.

We currently have a john deere 7200 conservation max emerge two 16 row corn planter with an old plain 250 monitor that we pulled on our jd 8400t. We have new bullseye seed tubes and keeton wet tails for it (considering adding a tank for pop up to run through the keetons); considering adding flow rate monitoring with redball units, micro-track safeguard electronic monitors, or we are really liking john blue's visagage II unit with its iPad electronic blockage monitor.

For beans we are running a jd 1780 31 row unit pulled by our jd 4850 mfwd, but considering using the 8400t for this also; it has air down pressure and and uses the original greenstar monitor for rate/population information.

We have looked at updating and getting greenstar that we could use it for both planters (if it would even work with both) and with our jd 9610, so that we can compare planting information with yield information. Wondering if we could incorporate it onto our rogator sprayer and/or our 28 fertilizer applicator. Looking for interchange ability since we could switch the safeguard or visagage units between the planter, applicator, and sprayer for liquids. Also, we have looked at precision plantings equipment and like the 20/20 seedsense with iPad field view since they have the equipment to monitor our air down pressure, but they currently do not have any harvest monitoring. AgLeader is also another option they is out there I know, but have not really looked into yet.

I know I have said a lot, but I would really like some input or suggestions from those of you who have tried or are using some of these different systems. Hearing what works and is worth while seems much more useful then hearing some salesman talk.
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