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Planting Arborvitae trees

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Hi group....I have 2012 3032e with a 305 loader.

I have 35 Arborvitae with 3' root balls..... what attachment would you use or purchase....ultimately a backhoe would be my choice. however older 3032e don't have one.

Please advise. Thanks
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How about a post hole digger?
I don't believe there is any implement you can add to your machine to deal with that. Go rent an excavator.
I agree....however my time is limited to do a few trees per day...a rental would be expensive.

I would rather buy a backhoe of one was made for a 2012 3032e.....
Renting something would probably be the right thing, the only other implement I can think of would be this:

You say your plants have 3' root balls. I know of no PHD auger that large. And even if one did exist, nurseries will generally tell you that the hole should be twice the size of the root ball.

Oh my that was a typo...18" - 24"
What size tractor do you run the 24" with?
I have a 24" auger for my PHD. Bought it specifically for trees. It was about $500 from Home Depot online. That was the cheapest one that size that I found.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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