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Plow ID Help

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Does anybody know what this plow could be? Brand and/or Model?
I THINK its a JD....but I'm really unsure..

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That plow looks like a two bottom little genius.
FordGuy gets a prize!
Literally got back 20 mins ago from going to get it.
Overall, restorable condition. I'll post more pics later today or tomorrow. Apparently lug bolts are VERY expensive and normal bolts are dirt cheap in northern of the rims is welded to the hub with "bolt bracing":think: when you see the pics you'll understand what I mean.
Because its a "historical artifact" for lack of better terms, I'm gonna restore it to like new condition. With MAYBE the exception of the bottoms...becuase these are the "quick tatch" style, I've got a better chance of finding a T-Rex skeleton in the back yard....Might convert both bottoms to a more modern a SuperChief type bottom.

I only knew because my father had one..... He was going to restore his but parts were crazy expensive. He hacked some of his together and he is just using it now.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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