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Plus 50 II Full Synthetic

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I picked up my 5 Gallon bucket of Plus 50 Synthetic. This is an annual thing and I have paid anywhere from 90 to 105 for the bucket. This year was a little weird.

First the local dealer is getting bought out by a large corporation. So there were a ton of people in the parts area! They were unable to find a price in the system so there were a few people waiting one me. The only thing I had in my corner was my son sleeping on my shoulder and my daughter standing next to me asking to go.

After about 5 minutes they asked me what I was quoted and I told them. The guy who told me 106 was standing right there. He said he did tell me that number but does not know where he found the number. Long story short, the new owners came over and told them to sell it to me for the quoted price, but told me that their cost was 148????

Did they change oil or did it go up in price?


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Buy another case of "Old School" if you can and one for me. I am not down with paying 200.00 for 5 gallon bucket.
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