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Power beyond adapter

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KennyD: is there an adapter splitting off the power beyond so two outlets and inlets can be used there. Might want to run my valve add a cylinder to my thumb. I know I could possibly t into the lines under tractor but that's a bear...not sure I want to cut the lines.
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Ya you wouldn't use a tee. The flow goes through the open center of the valve when no valve is operating. Everything is in series with open center valve. Flow is continuous through this circuit until you operate one of these valves to do some work with the fluid. Italics are optional components, including how I think you want to hook up both tim's valve kit and the backhoe.

Pump --> flow divider -- > relief valve --> Loader SCV --> OEM 3rd function --> OEM indep mower lift --> PB hose --> Backhoe --> Tim's valve --> PB return port --> Three point lift --> tank
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