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Power Beyond for Loader

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I just purchased a used Legend 740 loader and am setting it up to run on my 7810. It came with a joystick and all the necessary connections, but is set up for a power beyond block, which I don't have installed on the tractor. My question is, do I really need to buy & install the PBY kit on the tractor or is it just as functional to have some hydraulic hoses built and use the SCV on the tractor?
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Did it come with a mid valve to connect to the PB block? If so, I would not give up two rear SCVs for the price of a PB block.
The PB block does take up some space. My JD 6415 has 3 rear SCVs & PB block, it could have a 4th rear SCV if it did not have the PB block, but I have the mid valve with 3rd function so well worth it.
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