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Did any one install a Power Chute design chute blocker. I see them on all brands of ZTR and people like it.

Well I order one for my Scag 61" deck and I don't like hows its made.
To much play in all the linkage and the chute blocker plate fit a 1/2" away from the deck. The mounting bracket is 1/8" to wide. it over hang the top of the deck. Also there no reason to drill holes in the deck when two bracket tap should be welded on the bracket for the factory chute mounting holes.
Can I make it fit right a, sure I can but I paid $400 not to redesign the power chute to make it right.

Do you think I'm just to picky. I know I will call Power Chute Design Monday about the problem I'm having.

Also I had to strip off the black paint because it was lifting and repaint it Scag Orange. I should of check the fit first.:banghead:
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