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PowerGard Extended Warranty

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I have a 3720 that is a year old and has about 50 hours on it. I have been thinking about getting the PowerGard extended warranty for it. Has anyone purchased it and what was your cost for the months of extended warranty you bought?

I normally don't buy extended warranties (Best Buy and the like) but on my Honda motorcycles I do as it is the factory warranty extended out to 7 years. With all the gizmos and stuff on my Deere, and not being mechanically inclined except for basics like fluid/filter changes, this seemed like a good idea.

Thanks for your input.

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Wow, 1500 for 3 years. A major failure would make it worth it, but... I could see it on a commercial unit, but for the average homeowner it seems a bit steep.

I think you made the right decision to pass. Keep up on fluid changes and check them for the correct level and I can't see much going wrong that you cannot fix yourself fairly cheap..
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