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PowerGard Extended Warranty

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I have a 3720 that is a year old and has about 50 hours on it. I have been thinking about getting the PowerGard extended warranty for it. Has anyone purchased it and what was your cost for the months of extended warranty you bought?

I normally don't buy extended warranties (Best Buy and the like) but on my Honda motorcycles I do as it is the factory warranty extended out to 7 years. With all the gizmos and stuff on my Deere, and not being mechanically inclined except for basics like fluid/filter changes, this seemed like a good idea.

Thanks for your input.

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The reason for the samples is because you're buying the warranty AFTER the fact so to speak...When you buy the extended warranty at time of delivery no samples are needed and you have "instant" coverage.
More info on the PowerGard Brochure:
My salesman said they would want samples of the engine oil, tranny and coolant.
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