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pressure washer modification

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Just wanted to show a mod I made to my Dewalt pressure washer frame. Let me tell ya...with a new welder,aint nothing safe around here:laugh:

I use this in my business sometimes and man handling this across a roof with exposed gas lines,expansion joints ,electrical line,etc has always been a hassle . So...when l was in the market for a PW ,I wanted a 2 wheel dolly type set up. Ridgid brand was sort of close,but other than it,I didnt find anything I envisioned. So I made my own.

What I did to this was...took the original reversible handle off and mounted it in the "storage" position. I then welded a mount on it to install a reel.On the opposite side,I cut the cross piece off and extended it up about 16 inches by welding in 1 1/4" tubing. This has made the cart a lot easier to roll around. Instead of having to lift and carry the engine ,you now just pull back on the handle and roll...

I'm going to try and show a dewalt jpg and then a couple of what I did

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Nice job. That is how it should have come from the factory. :thumbup1gif:
Nice mod Randy, looks like it takes up less space also which is always a good thing.
Top Notch Mod!

Well done. Now you got something that will work like it is suppose to. :thumbup1gif:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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