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Pretty Cool Pic - Just a few Machines

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Pretty cool pic!
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By my (very rough) count, that's about a 15 million dollar train!!.... locomotive excluded.

Wonder if JD took out the shipping insurance?? There'll likely need to be someone over 18 there to sign for it......

Maybe a few of them. Corporate farming has definitely taken hold here.

I bet a bunch were headed to custom combining crews. Now that's a cool life - I almost did that after my first year of University, got my Class 1A and all.....

The crews start in Texas in May-ish and head north all summer, ending up in Canada in the late fall. A friend of mine actually made it 12 straight months by finishing the season down under in AUS. If you want to see something impressive watch 6 brand new JD/Case/CAT combines move across a field with several super B's, a fuel truck, a service truck, and a bunch of RV's supporting them.

I wonder if they were headed to the vast prairies of Canada.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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