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Do you have weight on the back of the tractor? If not I would go that path first. My JD dealer says chains are not necessary. In fact his opinion of no additional weight would be necessary.
This must be the standard dealer **advice**. Mine told me the same thing about my 2720. No chains, no weights. HAH. I loaded all four wheels and I have 2-link chains on all four tires. Even with the couple inches of snow we got last week I was spinning my rear tires on the driveway slope. Dropping it into 4WD got things going again. I have a 54" blower on the front and a 60" blade on the rear. Granted I'm probably unloading the rear slightly when the blower is raised off the ground.

I've been plowing and blowing for a lot of years. You can pretty much never have too much weight or too much traction. :thumbup1gif:
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