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Just recently bought one these; 26" cut, 14.5 HP Briggs & Stratton DR Brush Mower. My property has approximately 2000 feet of creek frontage that sits well below the house but the creek trail that runs along the creek but is too narrow for now and some areas are too dangerously sloped for the JD 2038r to mow. I was spending a large amount of time keeping the trail cut with only a Weed Eater. But not anymore. Its a brut of a machine and saves me so much time and agony.



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I own one too and like it. My only "complaint" is the cut is narrower than the wheel spacing. Otherwise a great machine.
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I had a DR 30" Pro with 17HP Kawasaki engine for about 17 years. I was a good unit however the weak link was the clutch. Rebuilt it once and then finally replaced it when a bearing failed and took out the clutch housing. Paid ~ $3,000 for it and sold it for $2000. No complaints there.

Replaced it last summer with the DR Pro 34" with 20 HP Briggs. Although slightly reluctant I purchased the 34" version because i wanted both front and side mower discharge as I had with the previous 30" version.

Pros are steering brakes. Cons are all the cables for brakes, clutch and gear selection. The older version was more basic and "Simplicity = Reliability."
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I had one of the original 8hp ones, and you would be surprised what it would cut.
I had one of the original 8hp ones, and you would be surprised what it would cut.
I have a DR 26" with Tecumseh 12.5 hp electric start. It's indestructible except for the belt drive on the optional 42" 3 blade mowing system. I guess some of it's worn.😉 It's only 20 something years old and used twice a week. I love it. DR support is 2nd to none. I use it instead of the 1025R with 54mm when the soil is damp.
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