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Pronovost 540 snow blower

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Localy a used Pronovost 540 "might" be coming on the market and I was wondering what a ballpark price might be?
I realize that's a hard question not knowing the age.
I did see the machine recently and it appeared to be in good shape apparently stored out of the weather.

I haven't talked to the owner, but the blower was purchased used earlier this year and I suspect it is too narrow for their tractor.

Looks like it it is built like a tank.
I would be attaching it to my JD 2520 so it would seem to be approximately the same width as my JD2520
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Most of the used rear blowers I see are priced from 1,500 to 1,900 in my area.
Thanks Brian.
I always like to know the relative value of something so that when the occasional item "pops" up for sale I will know if it's a fair price or not.
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