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Mine just did the same thing crna

My 2015 2025R did the same thing. Not sure if the switch on the reverse pedal is setup the same, but I would look there. Mine was underneath the tractor. I had gotten a piece of a tree branch jammed under there and bent the bracket, which wouldn't allow the reverse pedal bracket to properly activate the switch. I put a zip tie over the switch, and bent the bracket back. No problems since, and easy to dismantle if I choose.
I have a 2032R

Mine did the same thing last Saturday. Ran for about 10 seconds while running rear pto snowblower then just shut off and would only resume after shutting off the engine and restarting.

Found the SMALLEST twig between the bracket and reverse sensor behind the rear right tire. Literally was 3/32" in size, removed it and working perfectly! I guess those sensors are sensitive!:greentractorride:
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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