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We have several attachments for our older model (1999) 790 tractor that run fine, but we seem to perpetually have problems when we connect our RAD Debris Blower. The biggest one is the PTO shaft -- the inner/outer yokes and universal joint that goes in to the blower has sheered off/broken three times now (see pictures). It starts to smoke and is very hot. I order/am told that I am buying heavy duty shafts. We have quadruple checked the measurements when cutting the shaft to the correct length per the blower manual. This last time, I did notice (too late) that the blower was not completely even but it was even the other times. Any ideas of what is going on? Can you safely replace just the inner/outer yokes and universal joint or do we have to buy a whole new shaft?


1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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