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PTO Yokes/Universal Joint Keeps Breaking...

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We have several attachments for our older model (1999) 790 tractor that run fine, but we seem to perpetually have problems when we connect our RAD Debris Blower. The biggest one is the PTO shaft -- the inner/outer yokes and universal joint that goes in to the blower has sheered off/broken three times now (see pictures). It starts to smoke and is very hot. I order/am told that I am buying heavy duty shafts. We have quadruple checked the measurements when cutting the shaft to the correct length per the blower manual. This last time, I did notice (too late) that the blower was not completely even but it was even the other times. Any ideas of what is going on? Can you safely replace just the inner/outer yokes and universal joint or do we have to buy a whole new shaft?


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Yes, you can buy new yokes, but you have to put them together. You might consider a heavier category/series shaft. For my 10ft brush hog, I had to make sure I got the heavier shaft.

Here is a lot of info on PTO shafts PTO Basics | Agri Supply Blog | Agri Supply Just make sure you get 540 RPM shafts, etc.

I am wondering if you need a slip clutch. You don't have that much power, but if something clogs that up, something has to give and that is why you have a slip clutch. Think about what would happen if I ran into something with my 10ft brush hog and I did not have a slip clutch. Probably ruin the PTO on the tractor and that IS expensive.

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