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I think I am going to rework my hitch attachment I have. Currently I have a drawbar with square tubing coming up the sides and across the top to catch the upper hook on the iMatch.

I have a ball on the drawbar centered and a tab off to one side for yard implements. Things like a pull behind spreader.

I also have a couple angle hooks on the top so I can back up and catch the garbage can and haul it to the curb.

Anyway, I would like to switch to a receiver in the center so it can be more multifunction. Adding a carry all on occasion would be nice.

One of the problems with using yard implements like the spreader is you have to be really careful not to raise or lower the 3 point or you might do damage tot he tongue of the implement. I have had a couple close calls where I bumped the lever.

So I was thinking about building a heavy hinge which would be welded to the bottom and just hang when not in use. This would be safer on the implements and would be easier to hook them up too.

Can anyone think of a reason or any type of implement that wouldnt respond well to a heavy hinged tab? I am talking about the type of implements that have a U shaped tongue that you run a pin though.
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