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Pulling season not far away

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With pulling season coming closer every day I bit the bullet and took my 60 to the fab shop to have a set of wheelie bars made. I took the man a picture of what I found online that I think I want and am patiently waiting for the call saying it's done. In my area I can pull in the stock class without them but I want to get into the 8500 pound class and like I told the wife it's a safety backup. I will probably never use them but they will be there. Since I will have them I may try a division 2 pull where I can run up to a 20 inch high drawbar. Though my draw bar may not go any higher than 18". I have also made my own clevis for pulling that I am going to finish tonight. It will be bolted to the draw bar and come off the draw bar with a 1" loop horizontally. I just hope it passes the "tech guys". This homemade clevis will help me with draw bar height since it is not a vertical loop hanging lower than the drawbar.

Anyone else looking forward to this pulling season?
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Not too many tractor pulls near me anymore. But I do like watching any display of massive horsepower. And I like seeing the ingenuity, engineering and creativity of people like you, post pics of the clevis set up and wheelie bars when you can.

I have never seen a rule book for pulling. If you have a link to a sanctioning body please post it.
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There you go, an unfished pic of what my clevis will look like and a link to the natpa(national antique tractor pullers association) rules. They allow an 18" drawbar, but most county fairs allow up to 20".
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@ridesdirt - not sure what part of SC you are in, but there's a nice tractor pull in Adams Run every Spring/Fall. Just had the Spring one a few weeks ago. (y)
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