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Purchased a used plow.....

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Well used! I took some of Spudland Dave's advice and I purchased a pull behind plow. It was on craigslist for real cheap so I thought I would try it out. Price was right.

I know its the cart before the horse as my tractor is not in yet, but I could not pass it up. I bet I have some work to do to it! Should be a fun project. Then again I might end up tearing it apart to part it out if its too bad of shape.


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I still bought, but its not working condition! I hear there is a market for some of the parts. I hope. Here are some more pictures:


I am planning deconstruction after Christmas if the weather cooperates. I will post pictures here as I do.
PB Blaster - Heat - and an impact wrench..... This bad boy is ready for disassembly. Rusty little SOB.
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