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FYI: Protero has a winter special running which I was notified about via email blast from Bob Duran. I've been looking at this product for a few years now. I finally purchased yesterday and it will ship in March 2019.

The special price is $2,599 (if ordered by 1/2/19) for the unit and includes the PTO storage stand. I added the $50 quick hitch hitch (bottom and top bushings to be compatible with quick hitches). Freight costs have jumped recently so their pricing is a whopping $425 for Virginia delivery plus $100 lift gate service (assumes I unload). That's $525 for freight alone based on my location.

Total is $2,599 + 50 + 525 = $3,174.

I'll keep this thread updated. All numbers above based on my specifics. I recommend emailing Protero if you want specifics related to you.
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