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First time to use the QH to move from chipper to bush hog. Did not have to move the top hook but had to tighten the top link up almost all the way, like I did w/o the QH. This was to get the bottom of the QH far enough back to the thing would catch the bottom lift pins. The QH top hook goes onto the top part on the bush hog that's just below the one I used without the QH. Gotta do that unless I want to ditch the hook and use my U adaptor like I had to do on the back blade.

I moved the Cat 1-2 and Cat 2-3 bushings from the chipper to the bush hog. WHOLE LOT cheaper than having to get a pair of those Cat 1-3 bushings for each implement. The bushings did not deform such that they came off easily. The QH fits nicely just inside the keepers inserted into the pin holes to retain the bushings.

I'm not sure but what the WM WC46 PTO needs to be cut another 1/2-1 inch to be able to have room to get it back onto the PTO next time. Otherwise, I'll have to poke it onto the tractor and enlist the wife to hold the 2 PTO shaft pieces in line and get it back on that way. May go ahead and cut it another inch. Someone else posted that they had to cut their WM chipper PTO another inch from what the WM formula says to do it.

Don't really like the small amount of clearance to get the PTO back on around the QH on the chipper; whereas, there's a lot more room for doing the bush hog's. May resort to putting the chipper PTO on in pieces and having the wife's help to align the 2 pieces, per above, for the chipper.

Think I will not need a PTO extender.

Bush hog PTO fully back: 37"
PTO length needed at normal level cutting: 46 1/2"
PTO length needed raised: 44 1/2"

Looks like it'll extend out about 10" of its 37" length. Plenty of overlap. The WM folks say 6 inches overlap for their chipper PTO minimum. Haven't seen a figure for bush hogs. Longer?

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