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WD40 is good for getting some stains out (like getting tar off of auto floor mats, etc) and also displacing water in some electrical connections, but its really inadequate as a true lubricant. Fluid Film is good as are specialty lubricants like this one, I use on all metal lubrication points as it doesn't attract dirt and it lasts. It's also good on garage door track wheels, openers and door pivots, etc....

WD-40 is essentially fish oil. Not long ago, people competing in salt-water fishing tournaments would spray it on their lures to catch more fish. Remember, the sport is called "fishing" and not "catching"! Not too many years ago, the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA), banned the use of WD-40 in tournaments.

WD-40 has it's place, but in a lubrication critical situation, I would not rely on it exclusively,

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