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Question about the 260B Backhoe

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I just bought a new TLB that has the 260B. I’m aware of some of the differences between the 260 and 260B, however I noticed on other 260B’s that I seen in online, that they have ‘two’ transport pins. Mine however only has one, even though it still has a storage spot for 2 pins. 🤨… at first I thought that one was missing until I looked closer. Apparently Deere has multiple revisions to the “260B”? Does anyone know what the differences are over the years on this 260 backhoe? Here are two pictures of my 260B that came on my 2022 1025R. The one pic is from a dealer ‘how-to’ video from 2020.
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here’s the pic of the older B that I’m comparing to:
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The boom is locked on older models by inserting the pin as shown above. My 260b delivered in April 2021 works that way.

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Newer models, like yours, have the boom lock shown in this second picture which I think is a much more elegant solution and less likely to be forgotten, which
results in the backhoe settling and damaging the garage door. (Don't ask how I know!)


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The 260B's are 98% similar. Just some minor things like the lock lever instead of lock pin on the boom, the stabilizer plates may have holes or be solid. New ones are coming with a cast bucket instead of fabricated.
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Funny that you mentioned the cast bucket…. My 260B had the cast bucket when I went to pick it up at the dealership and I had them swap it for a welded fabricated bucket off another new 260B that was sitting on the lot. At the time I had not heard of the cast ones and knew nothing about them. So I made an incorrect assumption that it was likely just an odd-ball circumstance related to a supply chain issue or similar. And the salesman having no explanation wasn’t helpful either. Since then, I’ve learned here that this is a new direction for the bucket and it’s made in the USA. I’m interested in hearing how they perform as people start gaining some experience with them.
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