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I've only used mine once, today but mine held my tires off easily as I was dragging dirt.

How do you put it in float mode?
Well not knowing what machine you have I used the 4100 User Manual, though the procedure is universal. You may want to reference your own manual.

Using Optional Hydraulic Selective Control Valve (SCV)
IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! On a model 4100 Narrow tractor the dual SCV is available to operate attachments not having their own valve only. A mid-PTO or loader should never be installed on a model 4100 Narrow tractor.

This tractor model series can be equipped with an optional hydraulic Selective Control Valve (SCV) and hydraulic outlets to operate hydraulically-driven attachments.

The tractor-mounted hydraulic outlets are female quick couplers numbered and color coded easy hookup. Decal (A) identifies the couplers: 1 (yellow), 2 (red), 3 (black), and 4 (green).
Attachment hydraulic hoses are also color coded. Match the color coded hose ends to the color coded hydraulic couplers on tractor when making connections.

When the attachment hydraulic hoses are connected to couplers 1 (yellow) and 2 (red), move SCV lever (B) left to raise attachment, or right to lower attachment.
When the attachment hydraulic hoses are connected to couplers 3 (black) and 4 (green), move SCV lever (B) forward to dump attachment, or rearward to retract attachment.
Refer to information label (C) if further operating assistance is required.
The SCV is equipped with a float position in order to permit attachments such as blades or loaders to follow ground contours when lowered to operating position. Push SCV lever forward past valve detent to attain float position.
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