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questions(HELP) with the 214

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hey i have a few questions so first of how to read the model number and serial the plaque says *M00214X224562*

and secondly i took the carb off to clean it and the inside is caked with brown sticky stuff its like sorta hard remove how to clean that?
and the needle in the bowl that screws in facing up is stuck cause of that brown sticky stuff and i accidentally striped the head :banghead::wasntme: how to remove that?
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The brown stuff is called varnish, that's what happens when gas is left in the carbs for years. There are some great products on the market to clean carbs, some come in a one gallon can and you just drop the unit in to soak after removing the jets and screws.

Lots of places online sell rebuild kits for under $20 after you identify what carb you have. I have had great service from for stuff like this.

No advice on the stripped screw without seeing it, got a picture?

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yeaa no prob il take a picture when im putting the new coil in and will paint thinner take the varnish off?
will paint thinner take the varnish off?
I don't know for sure, but it probably will. Once you identify the carb, Google search it-there are 100's of u-tube videos only that show how to do it.
Ok so I replaced the coil of the tractor last night and today I went to start the tractor and still NO spark i dont know what to do the diagnose people at jd told me it was the coil it isnt what to do?
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