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Quick and Dirty Root Cutter

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So about a year ago I built a ripper / sub soil tool out of a box blade ripper.

Very similar to the one that just recently came out from

Works VERY well grubbing out stumps etc of the brush and standing dead wood I have to work with here.
The other day I ground a "root cutter" section on the shank. It seems to help a lot.....

When you are doing this kind of work, roots emit a snap, crackle, pop noise that is unmistakeable.
With this sharper section I have cut up to 2 1/2" diameter roots as easily as 1" diameter.
It isn't designed to cut meat, so it doesn't look like much, but has helped a lot.

This will be my first attempt to attach a picture........ Wish me luck......
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Nice job! I have a middle buster that I plan to mount on the front of my Deere to cut through roots. I have had it hooked to the back of a 3000 series John Deere and it only got the point 3" off the ground, I am thinking that having suck a large tooth (meant for a category 2 tractor) will work well on the front of my skid steer. :good2:
same idea

I just got done welding up a unit out of 3x4 heavy walled tubing that basically holds 4 of the 18" ripper shanks. I put pin provisions so I can pin them up or down. It works off my cat 1 3 point hitch. I also welded a trailer hitch ball to the back of it so I can move my utility trailers around with it. I ordered my ripper shanks through Agri Supply (waiting on them). I like your idea of sharpening the leading edge to cut through the roots. All our roots are very shallow and up to 2" dia. A sharpened ripper shank will cut through them like butter. Thanks for the idea. I'll send pics once it is painted (green of course).
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I like that idea. I was thinking of adding metal to mine to get the same effect as I fear the forces I am putting on the bar when I drive through a large root.
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My first thought was to add a 1/4 x 1" or so strip of stock to the front edge of the shank and sharpen it.

Didn't get around to that. But can still do that another day.

Keep us posted with results of your builds and working experience........

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