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Quick hitch help/set up

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Not sure if this is in the right topic to post this under. But I hope I will still get some help on this. My local farm store ( Rural King )had a quick hitch on sale last week so I got one. My problem is when I put it on on the tractor is seems like the hitch is on set up right. I have checked and most of my attachments are quick hitch compatabily. So what is wrong? do I not have it set up right?? If I need to i will get some pics posted. Thoughts??? It might be a few days. before I get pics up, working 16 hours at the mill for a few days.
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Need more info !

So the quick hitch is on the tractor but your implements dont line up right?

I assume you have bushings on the bottom of the implement and those drop in OK. Its usually the top link that doesnt fit. So what isnt lining up.
Bushings??? Didn't know about them. And yes is seems like the top link don't line up either. Maybe is cause of the bushings that I didn't know anything about. Are they needed??
Reading a thread like this might answer a lot of your questions. I'll think I'll check for compatibility before purchasing my next implement. But if the price is right.:unknown:
Not all quick hitches are created equal. For instance, I purchased the Speeco from Atwoods, thinking I was putting one over on the system, and getting it for half the price of the name brands. I found there is a reason some of these are cheaper. I had to trim the bottom hooks on the inner and outside faces by about 1/4 " in both directions. I also had to fill in the "guide" metal above the hooks thats supposed to insure the implement went down into the hook. The "guides" didnt . There was a 1/2" shelf that the implements wanted to rest on and not fall into the hooks. So...just saying ,it could be the quick hitch needs modifying as well as the implements.....but when you get it sorted out, its worth it!

edit: BTW ,my lower hooks were just big enough to fit the implement pins ...they in no way would have room enough for a bushing.
Regarding the bottom bushings yes you probably need them. They sell either drive on bushings or ones that attach with roll pin.

But thats not your issue as that will only make your implement set about 1/2" low if you dont have them.

Compatibility is always going to be an issue. So far I have had to modify both implements I have got for mine. Thats why you are seeing quick hitches with adjustable top hooks.

I personally would rather modify the implement one time than adjust a top hook so I am OK with it. But would be nice if they implement manufacturers would have stuck to the standard so I dont have to.

How far off is your top from catching the top hook?
I have a speedco quick hitch and it works just fine. Some implements dont work with jd's quick hitch.
Sorry guys, I havent been on here in a few days. Been on midnights and and working 14 hour days. KICKED MY BUTT!!!! I will get some pic and post them. So I can get this thing working for me.
Ok here are some pics of the problem


And one of the top link


I am having a hard time figuring your pictures out. Can you backup a little?

The top hook is adjustable up and down. Thats how you fix a top link issue.

But it doesnt appear your bottom is dropped down in the hooks? Do you have pins sticking out the sides of the implements? Almost looks like you have stuck the original bar that comes with the 3 point back in there?

What is the implement?
It is a rear blade. Easies one to get too right now. Yes there are pins out the side if the implement. Barn is a little crowded right now. My family thinks my 30x80 barn is a store all. Hope these pics are better


I see the top link is adjustable, but it looks like the top is not falling in the hook all the way
Thats better.

Well for one, you really need bushings on the bottom. See picture below.

And it looks like you need to move your top hook UP so the implement drops down towards the bottom.


Ok. Can I get the bushings at a gram store?? Like rural king or tractor supply??
Tractor supply stocks them. I would assume any tractor place would. Make sure you get the right category size. So measure your pin or take it with you.
Ok thanks. I will get some bushings ad see what I got from there
That is a good price Kenny.

I am always amazed what tractor supply gets for those things.
I got the bushings, just one pair for now. And still nothing. It looks like the top hook ( see pic ) will not go around the place I'm trying to hook it too. I that the right place??


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