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I know there is a long standing debate about whether quick-hitches should have adjustable top hooks or not, and I see both sides of the issue. This thread is not meant to start the debate up again; but to show members that I found a new use for adjustable top-hooks, or the lack of one in this case.

OK, unlike most members who live on wooded lots and have numerous occasions to lift, haul, drag stuff using chains; I do not, and I only have a 6' length of chain I bought for my concrete slab lifter.

Anyway, I needed to remove some evil poly-pipe. So we fastened the chain around the pipe, folded the pipe over the chain and duct taped the pipe together to keep it folded. Then we removed the top-hook, and pinned the chain to the top-hook mount. Using this method removed the pipe easily and sure beats driving a hand shovel to get them out of the ground.


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