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provided you couldnt lower the ground like mentioned above

first question is how far do you really need to raise it ?

second questions would be where do you want to raise it......bottom,middle or top of columns? you want to replace columns or add on tops or bottoms? etc.

from the very limited picture posted i would probably go to a steel shop and have some 10ga galvanized steel sheeting made in to a C shape to fit the poles i would want them at least 4' longer than what amount i wanted to lift the building so i could end up with 2' of overlap on both top and bottom i would want the Cs to fit tight and be full size on 3 sides ...i would lag on a 2x scab on one side of the pole 2' off the concrete then cut the pole at 2'......then fit the C on the pole with thru bolts on the bottom 2' ....and a few moveable screws on the top 2'+ .....then remove the 2x scab and screw on two jack boards and jack column up a 1/2" at a time putting in a shim....then the next column ...and so on till i raised the building as much as i wanted it then i would cut pole fillers and put them in the gaps ...and ...put thru bolts on everything.......<<brief description ....this method could be done with minimal jacks just moving each pole up 1/2 and a time and resecuring each could also use a lumber C ......i would also probably do some temporary X bracing etc....just tossing this out as a minimal equipment type option ..but there are many ways to do a lift ...also you could probably hire some house movers to do it for you

this description was to illustrate a method type only ...sizing of parts and pieces would be up to the builder to determine what would be adequate

largest building i ever had moved was a 60 x 100 all metal building about 100yds accross a street
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